November 2007: The Big Year – quit and go travelling. Real(ly?) men, Sophisticated White Van Man…and Mehico!

The adventure begins!

Dave (listening to Radio Four in a white van):

Leaving work (EMI Records) should be the hard part but that was a breeze compared to leaving the house – wednesday was quite hard, was dreading the leaving do but ended up being fun, especially the presents! even the speech wasn’t that bad.  Thursday was horrendous, 15 hours of solid work – painting, cleaning, packing and worrying about driving the van. Friday was no better, as I had to pick the van up, fill it and then clean and paint the house again – another 300 hours or something – the curry with Lucy and John helped though, thanks both.  The van is the biggest thing I can drive on a normal driving license, was very worried about driving it to Kingsley in Cheshire the next day (loooooong way!).  Wake up Saturday at 7am, aching everywhere, eventually leave the house 5 hours later for an expected horrible drive – it was OK, managed to get all the way there without having to reverse – my big fear!  We are now both unemployed and homeless…Got to Leza’s uncles house and Laurie took control of the van – with fantastic extra help from cousins David and John we managed to get the whole house loaded into the garage loft (up a bloody ladder, just what I need) – Rach supplied tea and fireworks followed (thanks John!) but I have to go to bed as I am shaking (what a wuss!). Rita fed us well the next day before we headed off. We didn’t sleep in a spare room at their house – we slept in Laurie and Rita’s spare house.  They just built a new one on their land – 5 years of hard toil has paid off – it’s amazing!  Sunday, we leave for London. As most people know, I have never been a fan of anywhere outside the M25 but as always, Laurie, Rita and the rest make us feel very welcome. We arrive back in Ealing to stay with Stu, Mary, Finn and Cal next door to the first house we owned – definitely homeless now!


So we have left the house, quite literally in the loft of one of Laurie’s garages! – quit our jobs and handed temporary custody of Stella our cat over to the safe keeping of our mates Jules and Rich who are going to spoil her rotten. Had a great week at Stu and Mary’s with the kids Finn and Cal, a bloody fantastic leaving drinks with about 25 of our friends and a couple of the English rugby squad in the same bar. Laurence Dellagio even posed for a few photos with Ness….and here we are now on Monday evening sitting in Mexico City waiting to transfer to Cancun. And yes they do pronounce it Mehico. One night in Cancun and then off tomorrow to chill for 2 weeks in Tulum; sun, sea and sand – bring it on amigos! And boy do we need to learn some Spanish quick – ordering a banana smoothie ain’t easy when you don’t know the lingo and don’t have a banana handy to point to. I’m already in my flip flops and feeling pretty chilled out….and I’m currently basking in the transit lounge in the reflection of the golden arches – yup – bloody McDonalds got here first. On the people front; there’s lots of blokes wandering around with big moustaches, big belt buckles, big cowboy boots and big cowboy hats – and I think we have a basketball team in the seats behind us – either that or they’re all in some freakishly weird tall blokes with big hands club. Adios for now and we’ll blog again from Tulum after a loooong night’s sleep. More photos in a day or two…but here we are testing the Caribbean Ocean in Cancun.


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