Shambala Petit Hotel Tulum a room with a view from our stilts…and Things I Have Learned Today.

Not that we want to make all our mates and family totally JEALOUS or anything but we are now dossing on the most perfect white beach you have ever seen – which is practically deserted, stunningly beautiful, and our current accommodation is a wood and glass box on stilts standing right on this stretch of paradise! We are staying at Shambala Petit Hotel which is in Tulum, 20 minutes drive from Tulum town down on the Beach. The owner of the hotel where we are staying – basically 10 little freestanding cabanas on the beach – is a Mexican guy called Robert who has lived all over the world and previously ran a hotel in the Maldives. Anyway this place is fab, basic as in no electric light at night in our room and sporadic wi-fi access – but luxurious in his attention to detail and how gorgeous it all looks….everythings orange, dark wood and white. The other 9 cabanas stand on floor level on the beach – ours is the only one on stilts. The main ‘box’ is our room with huge bed with mosquito net etc, all glass and wood frame walls and black bamboo floor and white muslin sheets over the glass for privacy. The sun wakes us every morning at around 6am but we fall asleep around 9pm every night anyway as we do nothing all day. We can watch the ocean crashing on to the beach from the bed and our bathroom is a step down to another open area on stilts with loo, shower etc. it’s kind of indoor/outdoor – it doesn’t have a door and it’s walls are bamboo poles but as we are up on stilts it’s private – though I guess if Dave did a big fart everyone would be able to hear him. I think we are the only people staying here at the moment as the rest of the guests seemed to have left yesterday and this morning. Anyway – hardly any of you will bloody read this so I will just stick some photos up! Enzo the resident dog trying to get up to our room; and a few pictures of where we are staying…and we are not far from Tulum Ruins (below).

Things I have learnt today:

DON’T stop outside the restaurant and try to re-arrange your sarong whilst standing next to the absolutely MASSIVE cactus plant – ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

DO remember to put sun cream on your bum cos when you walk down the beach your bikini bottoms WILL ride up.

DO try to learn the names of fruit otherwise you are gonna end up with some bizarre concoctions for a smoothie.

DON’T pat the cute dog on his own on the beach cos he has 20 cute doggy friends who will all follow you back to your cabana and not want to leave.

DON’T try to be clever and ask for throat pastilles just by looking in the guide book – you will end up bemusing the pharmacist who wonders what you are doing in his shop trying to order a fancy cream cake.

DO realise that on the insect repellent bottle where it says do not use near plastics or enamel that if used on your feet near your £25 pedicure it is going to completely knacker your lovely sunset red nail varnish.

DON’T ever be suckered in to thinking it’s okay to gorge on Cadburys dairy milk bars every night for 3 months before you intend to hit the beach – and then have to lie on the sun lounger next to someone who looks like the Korean Miss World entrant in a designer bikini.

DON’T think that a Margarita in Mexico is going to be the same watered down innocuous harmless little tipple that it is in the overpriced bar back home and wonder why when staggering down the beach in the pitch black to your cabana that you are experiencing some difficulty in being able to coordinate bodily movements fluidly and with grace (this one’s for Dave!)

Mauricio however does give us the best tequilas!


  1. Why did everyone else leave – did Dave do that big afrt after all??!! It’s looking FAB out there – better than the rain here. Really enjoying the blog – not really very jealous at all……BIG kisses, Kerry XXXXXX


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