Puerto Angel on the Southern Coast of Mexico

After 2 nights in San Cristobal we said goodbye to Zuzy and Peter; the shock of the cold nights in San Cristobal detoured us down to the southern coast to the fishing town of Puerto Angel. We checked in to a great place called La Buena Vista where we met Evelyn and Paul (come on guys – post comments – who does Paul look like!) and their little boy Leon from Melbourne; we were the only people to be staying in this beautiful 24 room lodging built in to a hillside with a gorgeous pool and views of the sea. Shame that the local staff seemed to find us an inconvenience as it’s not yet high season; but other than that the beauty of the surroundings and the shrimp dinners made up for their lack of enthusiasm. I was also quite taken by the 2 resident parrots and a rather large iguana who hung outside our room.


  1. Every time i visited Puerto Angel, I stayed at La Buena Vista. It is charming and simple. I'm planning to stay there again with my 1-year old daughter and husband. The last time I was in Puerto Angel (over 10 years ago) they suffered from an earthquake so the roads were buckled. Have repaired the roads?


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