In Oaxaca (pronounced Wa-hacka)

I am getting behind as we have been in Puebla for 4 days and we fly to Guadalaraja tomorrow -brief commentary today; the pictures tell the story of Oaxaca. Here is a photo of the silver bracelet Dave bought me in Oaxaca for my birthday. Also a photo of a local girl in traditional dress; indigenous to the regions of Oaxaca and Chiapas states. They don’t like to be photographed much hence it’s usually of the back of their heads!
The cathedral in Oaxaca was amazing; incredibley ornamental ceiling and interior.

The crafts are famous in Oaxaca, it’s pretty much the artisan capital of Mexico.

Lots of stencilled wall graffitti; maybe Banksy got his ideas here? 🙂
Also a lot of huge papier mache effigies around which we think are used in street carnivals and fiestas.

All over Mexico they seem to be skeleton mad – which is great as I love that stuff too. Day of the Dead is celebrated on 1st November each year and they beleive that their dead ancestors come back to visit them on this day. So they hold fiestas and decorate all the cemetries and headstones, parade through the streets with papier mache effigies etc.


  1. You’ve managed to capture the spirit of Mexico and its different cities with different cultures, I personally thinks it’s absolutely mind blowing! It makes me want to jump on on a coach and explore… well done!


  2. Its been over 10 years since I visited Oaxaca & Puerto Angel. Viewing your blog with photos has been a great treat and helpful for my planned return trip to both Oaxaca & Puerto Angel in August of 2010. Thanks!


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