Merry Christmas from Guadalajara!

Go on the Mexican wrestling name generator on the left hand side menu bar of the main page to get your Lucha Libre wrestling name! Love from Bam Bam Fantastico (Leza) and Vaquero Toxico (Dave). Couldn’t be any more appropiate! Post your comments so we can see what all your names are!!


  1. This is Tornado Insano (aka Leslie of JOA) checking in from the snow-covered slopes of Montana. It’s cold. The wrestling, it keeps me warm and toasty. Kind of smelly, though. Ahhh.


  2. It appears that I am:El Comando GordoTony is called:Raton FeoMy name sounds much tougher. I reckon that means I would win the match between us – I’ll get started on designing my mask…


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