Behind again as we are now in Guadalarjara. Here’s some photos of Puebla; I wasn’t that taken with this city to be honest and these pictures show the best bits. I think after Oaxaca we both found Puebla to be very disappointing. However, we stayed 4 nights as the hotel – La Purificadora see links to the left of the blog main page – was so incredibly luxurious and stunning and for only £60 a night – it would have cost £260 a night in London. It’s been built in an old water bottling factory and it’s huge BUT only 26 rooms. Fantastic place and the design is amazing – it’s kind of indoor outdoor.
The hotel had fire pits in the lobby and movie images projected on to walls.
The hotel pool looks wild but Dave tried it out and said it was like swimming in ice it was so cold!

So we hung out, ate good food at a local Italian (you try eating Mexican food for 6 weeks) and generally chilled. We had the hugest slice of chocolate cake ever and as you can see Dave is still very open to being photogrpahed – NOT!

Puebla cathedral is mind blowing and made the trip here worth it.

The bright yellow university building is a taste of the future and really well designed; looks amazing against the blue sky.

We handed the hire car back – good luck to the guys cleaning it back in Cancun – but wish we had one of these pickups with the decorative metal tops above the cab. I had a pedicure – yay! Dave drank Sol – there’s plenty here.
After checking out the famous tiled buildings of Puebla we prepared for an early morning ride to Mexico City airport for the next leg of the trip.


  1. There is a comment place for each day I see now….well once again the pictures Leza are great…I am assuming that you and not Dave are taking the majoritycheersBenedict


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