Guadalajara and Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling

Falling behind again as we are now in Guanajuato…but a quick recap of our 4 days in Guadalajara which is the second biggest city in Mexico. We managed to miss our flight from Mexico City as they forgot to put the depature gate on the screens at the airport, finally managed to get on to another flight 2 hours later only for our luggage not to show up! That came on a later flight and thankfully was sent on to our hotel. Danny was flying from LA and managed to miss his flight cos he got his times wrong – so all in all – a bit of a mad start! 4 nights were too many really as you only need about 2/3 nights here – but make sure that one of those is a Sunday or a Tuesday night so you can go to the Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling – a fantastic night out and not even mentioned in the guide book! The photos aren’t great because they won’t let you take photos; Danny had his camera confiscated at the door and it given back to him at the end – but I managed to sneak in a small digital as they didn’t seem to frisk women at the entrance. I tried to pay for photography permit but they wouldn’t go for it unless you worked for the press or something.
It takes place starting at 5.30pm on Sundays (seems to be a bigger family night with lots of kids) and at around 7.30pm on Tuesday nights. The Coliseo where it takes place is on a street called Calle Medrano which is just off La Calzada de Independencia. We stayed at Hotel Morales and it was only a 10 minute walk from there. The full address f the wrestling arena is Calle Medrano No.77 Barrio de Analco Guadalajara. Telephone: 36 17 34 01. Dave, Danny and I got there at 4pm on the Sunday to buy tickets in advance and caught 4 of the wrestlers wearing their masks going in with their suitcases on roller wheels with their costumes in. They were more than happy to pose for photos and sign autographs!
The pavement outside the coliseo has brass plaques which commemorate past and current wrestlers, one of the most famous being Blue Demon. You can buy masks inside and on the street outside and at two specialist shops opposite…they range in price from 100 pesos ($10) to 600 pesos which are the professional masks. Dave bought one for Rayman who fought the night we were there and Dave wore it proudly for all of Rayman’s fight! I ate hot doughnuts and pretended not to be with him. You can get loads of different food inside and the doughnuts were fab! Entrance fee only cost us 120 pesos each (approx $12/£6) and for that we saw 5 fights – top night out.

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