Guadalajara – scroll down for Mexican wrestling posts

The market in Guadalajara is huge – 3 floors of total mayhem. It’s called the Mercado San Juan de Dios, built in 1958 – a pretty ugly brick building from the outside accesed by a bridge from the main street – but an amazing expereince to visit and sells absolutely everything from cheap plastic toys, watches, sunglasses, tortillas and kebab to birds and rabbits in cages. It has a massive eating section where you can move from stall to stall snacking on sopes, tacos, deep fried peppers stuffed with cheese and hundreds of other Mexican fast snacks. This market is not for the claustrophobic; it really is packed and there is very little space between the stalls which run like narrow alleyways the length of the entire 4,000 square metres that the market occupies. We have actually risked eating some street food now and seem to have avoided the dreaded delhi belly….don’t know if I will push my luck again much though!

The Palacio houses the state government offices and this amazing and absolutely huge mural of Miguel Hidalgo painted by Jose Orozco which covers the walls and ceiling of an interior staircase; it depicts communism, facism and religion and it you walk past it slowly left to right from the landing at the top of the stairs – an optical illusion seems to make Hidalgo’s arm move outwards and across the front of his body. We met a great guide in the palacio who calls himself Mr.Chaolin. He walked us around the building and described everything to us including the history of the murals. interesting character who was born in Mexico and speaks 7 languages.
Snapshots of the city.

Gun tattoos are big here amongst younger Mexican’s – not sure if it’s gang related or just a statement.

Guadalajara Cathedral 1558-1618 and a massive landmark. It’s huge and sits at the centre of a main square where you can drink coffee and have lunch.
Massive yellow sculpture on a roundabout and a hotel building painted bright pink.

Pinatas and more skeletons.

Prom dresses and Danny with a statue for hands…not sure why!


  1. Hey guysMERRY NEW YEAR!! How are tricks? certainly feeling the very colourful place whose name I can’t pronounce, spell or remember!As for skeleton babies….hmmmWhere did you spend the chimes, hopefully shaking your asses in a rudeboy/girl stylie!when do you reach Seattle?I trust all is well wth youwill email again soon!take careMicah(have to go fingers are swelling up from all this typing)


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