Christmas Day in Guadalajara

Oh yeah and before I forget – we didn’t get to gorge on yummy roast turkey or beef and we were totally CRAVING roast potatoes and gravy; and there was no exchanging of gifts….. but we did have a fun day out with Danny wandering all over the city although almost everything was closed – and we did see some some very strange things. What did we eat? See first photo below, baby goat roasted on a spit including it’s innards….though luckily they didn’t dish the innards on to my plate. And yes – the goat was accompanied by bloody re-fried beans and guacomole. Give us good old British roast any day!

This dog went apoplectic barking at me for taking photos on his manor!

Strange murals.

A spooky house.

A skeleton in the window of a medical school and perhaps the coolest house number ever ?
Wouldn’t like to attempt to climb this tree.

Someone’s had fun with a felt tip on the cactus.

If it’s grisly and ghoulish the Mexicans seem to love it. Funky graffitti.

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