We spent 3 days in Guanajuato which is a stunning looking town – in fact it looks so different from any other place we have seen in Mexico that it felt like we were not in Mexico at all. It had a very Italian cosmopolitan feel about it. It’s an old mining town (mainly silver) and the city has grown up and been built in to the hillsides above the original mines. There is a subterranean system part of which is used as underpasses for the flow of traffic; so the existing mine shafts have been added to – to carry the traffic across town by going underneath it. It’s an amazing place. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and there are obviously very strict building laws in control plus no plastic signage or neon allowed; very refreshing not to be bombarded by advertising and logos. Many of the houses are painted in very bright colours, like jumbled boxes of sweets sticking out of the hillsides, backed by a mountain range.

You get an amazing view when you take the funicular up the hill to the massive statue of a wrestler.

The sky was amazing! This is the main square which has loads of great restaurants and shops.

Dave, Danny and Betsy eating carnitas (pork sandwiches) in the local market.

Part of the cathedral in the main square
A real skull in the mummy museum. They wouldn’t let you take photos of the mummies so click on the link on the left. It’s pretty wild.

A skeleton of a baby in the mummy museum.

The univeristy is a stunning building.

The front of the cathedral which is made from some sort of pink stone.

This statue was HUGE and on top of a hill overlooking town so you can see it from everywhere.

Honest-the sky isn’t photoshopped it really was this blue.

Local streets in Guanajuato.

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