New Year in Los Angeles, California.

Happy New Year everyone! No photos yet and New Year’s Eve in Guadalajara was a bit of a wash out as Dave and I were both full of cold. We arrived here in LA on 1st January – only a 3 hour flight. Day 1 it was lovely weather – wandered around in t-shirts…then 2 days later it was grey and raining and the temperature dropped and the state of California issued flood warnings. Anyway – we seem to have remained unscathed in Venice at Danny’s house and the rain has now stopped and today was a lovely sunny day. Not a lot to report yet as we have been dossing around and eating loads of great home cooked food…so good not to have to eat bloody refried beans every single day. It was Danny’s birthday today and he took the day off work so we went out to Monterey Park district and ate amazing Vietnamese food with Richard and Barbara, old friends of ours.
Over the next couple of days we intend to sort a car out – you can’t get around in Los Angeles without one very easily – and we will plan some trips around this area for the next 3 weeks. On the cards is Death Valley, Joshua Tree national park, Palm Springs and San Diego.
In the meantime we are chilling out here with Danny and his dog Roscoe – the cutest looking dog you have ever seen and very popular with the locals whenever he is taken for a walk in the morning along Venice Beach. See his photo – cute or what!

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