Leaving California

We leave California tomorrow and fly to Seattle – so expect photos of us bundled up in tons of clothes because it’s freezing cold and snowing up there. Dave is already crying – he was sunbathing here today in Danny’s garden. We are realy excited to see all our friends in Seattle and Sandra and Tony are also coming down from Vancouver Island to see us at Bruce’s – I can’t wait!! Fun days ahead. This photo below is a special treat for all those people out there that know how much Dave HATES having his photo taken and what a miserable git he usually is. This was actually taken on his birthday a couple of weeks ago on 17 Jan – when we went as a special treat for him to Disneyland here in Los Angeles. We couldn’t find Mickey Mouse, and Minnie’s queue for photos was too long, but Woody and pal seem very appropiate for Dave’s cool relaxed new image. Finn and Cal what do you think? !
Space Mountain – this is actually a photo of the photo they try to flog you after you have just wet your pants being thrown around in the pitch black on this rollercoaster. I took a sneaky photo of it hence the bad image quality, rather than spend hard cash on a photo of me looking absolutely terrified…not my best look. I hated the ride but then loved it and tried to go on it a second time later in the day; but it had clsoed down due to technical faults. At least the faults were found after we had been on it and not during our ride!

Me at the Toon Town Post Office where even I started to look a bit toon town myself.
Back in Venice and everyone loves Roscoe – take him out for a walk and get stopped every 5 minutes by people asking what breed is he (a mutt from the dog’s home) and is he a puppy (no he’s 9 years old would you believe). If Danny had got this dog in to the movies he would have made a fortune. I am not exaggerating – it’s constant, this is the most popular dog I have ever met in my life!
The roller skating Jimi Hendrix styled guitarist on Venice boardwalk – he’s been here for years.

I bet you didn’t know that Venice, California is so called because it has canals? A lot of them were filled in years ago but a big stretch of them still exist flanked by some of the most expensive real estate in California. You would need a few million to afford to live here. It’s really beautiful and quite surreal as it is only a 5 minute walk from the beach!

We went to the car museum in LA a couple of days ago, it was fantastic fun and we saw lots of old movie star cars as well as cadillacs and customised paint job low riders.
I want one!!!!

How hillarious is this and check out the number plate!

The Gypsy Rose Lee of low riders.

This is actually a VW Jetta – perhaps a custom job too far! This is the same model of car we drove 3,000 miles across Mexico but fortunately it didn’t look like this – or we wouldn’t have got anywhere!

This was parked in the car park outside the car museum, I wanted to nick it.

Out and about on Abbot Kinney, a street in Santa Monica, I saw this bizarre car parked outside a mechanics. It wasn’t there later on so it’s still moving!

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