You would think I had all the time in the world to be updating this blog – but I find since going away that a certain lethargy has fallen upon me. Sleeping in until past 9am, sitting in bars passing the time of day, wandering around city sights. Oh sorry, are you all busy hard at work? Anyway here’s another photo of Joni and Ava; we went wandering around China Town yesterday which in keeping with the madness worldwide for us all to be so politically correct, has been renamed The International District. Anyway we stuffed our faces with noodles and orange chicken, peanut sauce and rice. We wandered around the massive oriental supermarket and checked out the train station timetable on King Street to see what times the trains run to Portland, Oregon and up to Vancouver, Canada – two things Dave and I plan to do. We then rode the underground bus back to Westlake Centre. The bus system is great – it runs overground as normal buses do and on a lot of the routes you can access free wi-fi on the buses if you have your laptop with you. Then once the bus hits downtown Seattle it goes underground like a subway service and for all the underground stops the service is free.

Last Sunday we went out for another of our infamous breakfast jaunts, this time with Deb, Bruce, neighbour Peggy and neighbour Darin and his Mum and Dad who were in town. We went to the Rickshaw which is an oriental themed bar and diner decked out in black lacquer and red booths. Quite surreal surroundings for a 3 egg omelette Sunday breakfast, but excellent food all the same. Here’s the gang photographed after gorging on way too much food.

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  1. Hurrah for trains – first go down to Portland, you’ll love it – stay at the Mark Spencer in The Pearl, then come up and see us in the Great White North!Missing those mega breakfasts…


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