Snowbound – almost!

We had quite an adventure yesterday, Bruce and Deb drove us out in to the mountains about an hour and a half outside of Seattle and across St Stephen’s Pass. There are three main passes in this area and at different times at this time of year they can be closed due to heavy snowfall. We had a great ride out there and hung around at the foot of the ski slopes and walked Bella the dog through the snow. Had a couple of snowball fights and saw some stunning scenery.
The journey back was slightly more scary as a snow blizzard blew in and it took us 3 and a half hours to drive back through thick snow with more snow falling on top of the already 12 foot high drifts at the side of the road! It was also dark and the spiralling snow blowing straight in to the windscreen looked like we were driving at warp speed straight in to some sort of vortex! It was pretty surreal as you could barely see the sides of the road. Luckily we got behind a large lorry covered in lights so we could snail back to Seattle behind him as all his lights helped to light the road for Bruce to see to drive by. Dave and I haven’t been in that sort of snowstorm for many years and coming shortly after spending almost 2 months in Mexico and a month in LA – it was pretty strange to be suddenly plunged in to this sort of weather. Bruce is going to take Dave back up there for some skiing soon.

At the ski slopes the snow started coming in.

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