Seattle: out and about

These are just some throw away snap shots out and about in Seattle.
Me and Dave messing about.

This is the Smith Tower, used to be the tallest building in Seattle but is now dwarfed by all the new buildings. See that little green blob on the top – that’s an observation room and my mate Evan has been in it many years ago; it’s not open to the public but he knew a guy who lived in an apartment in the whole top triangle bit of this building.

Peggy’s living room in her 60’s style house lined with fir tree timber. it looks like a James Bond ski chalet and is very cool.

Easy Street Records – how civilised is this; you go in there for breakfast or a drink in there bar and if you have to wait for a table you can browse their 2 storey record store.

Wonder what she’s like.

Totem pole in Pioneer Square – apparently years ago some drunken pioneers went and pilfered it from an Indian reservation – or so the story goes. This isn’t the original stolen totem – but a copy they had made by the same tribe after the first one got destroyed.

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