Skiing Dave!

Dave last went skiing 22 years ago – for one week and won a skiing cup! Since then he’s always wanted to go again and it’s never happened – so how happy does he look in this photo up on the slopes of Snoqualmie Pass, Washington State; only about an hour’s drive from Seattle. Bruce and Darin both took the day off and went along with him; Bruce swishing off professionally down the slopes and Darin showing off on a snowboard. Dave says this was the highlight of the 4 months we have been on the road; I reckon he’s just saying that cos it was a whole day free from me!
Dave – looking quite dashing on the slopes.
Dave looking knackered but very happy on the slopes!

Ski lifts – he managed to go up and down about 12 times; came home stiff as a board, knackered but very happy. Now wants to come back in December for another go!

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