Japan totally rocks! Views of Tokyo’s cityscape

We bloody love Japan! It’s fantastic. You can see why Bladerunner was filmed here or based on it anyway. Tokyo is a visual and audio feast. The people are excellent, services are excellent, tube trains are immaculate, the bullet trains are mind blowing and make British Rail look prehistoric. Everyone is friendly and I’ve even got into head nod bowing everywhere I go. It’s so polite it’s a breath of fresh air. We are just back from a bullet train trip to Kyoto, old style Japan with stacks of history and we saw so many amazing things. But first of all here’s some photos of Tokyo that I took on our first full day here last Monday.

It rained Monday morning – but we headed up to the Shinjuki area using the subway. Shinjuku station has 60 – yes SIXTY! exits – it is bonkers. We walked miles just to get to the exit we wanted which was for the Tokyo Metropolitan government building (243 metres tall). It has a viewing floor around 45 floors up on the top floor which is free to the public; a lift took us there in a breathtaking matter of seconds – my ears popped around floor 10. A staggering 13,000 people work in this one building. The grey skies and rain didn’t dampen the stunning views of the skyscraper district.

Later on and back in Roppongi we went to the MORI tower observation deck (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)- about 54 floors up and an even quicker ascent. The photos below taken early evening as the sun was going down and a couple of night time shots. The ticket price of approx £7.50 to go up to the observation tower and stay as long as you want whilst there (there’s restaurants and cafes on the same floor) also includes entrance to the MORI art museum which is a great space showing contemporary art from some big names.

Tokyo Tower based on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Tokyo city views when the sun came out.

And night views after the sun had gone down.

On one of the lower outdoor levels of the same complex stands one of Louise Bourgeois famous bronze spider sculptures which stands at around 30 feet tall. It’s scary enough encountering it in daylight, but look at the night shot below; enough to turn one anachraphobic!

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