Bullet train to Kyoto; traditional Japanese weddings

We are still having an amazing time here in Japan but we fly tomorrow to Hong Kong, wish we had at least another week here – will have to come back again! . A couple of days ago we took the bullet train to Kyoto; 2hrs 40 minutes to go 476 kilometres. The speed and efficiency of these trains is stunning and they look amazing; scroll to the end of this section to see photos of the bullet trains. Whilst in Kyoto we were incredibly lucky to stumble across 2 different weddings taking place at two of the temples we went to visit. Both traditional weddings but with different bridal outfits. The first of these shows the more usual wedding gown of the two. I need to look up some of the temple names because we saw so many in such a short space of time that it got confusing. All breath taking.

The second wedding we saw was at Heian Jingū Shrine.

Kyoto is a very old city and full of stunning temples and shrines and gardens. A lot of these sites are world UNESCO heritage sites. For more information about these historical sites, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyoto
Roof tiling detail of a temple.

Monks performing a Buddhist ceremony at a temple. Temple names to follow later.

Images of Nijo Castle

Worker hand trimming every branch of the trees at Nijo Castle.

Trees of Nijo Castle gardens

Images of the Heian Jingū Shrine.

Temple roof detail

Kyoto rail station.

Makes British Rail look prehistoric. Fast, comfortable, immaculate and always on time, what more can you ask of your public transport.

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  1. Hey Guys,These photos are amazing, although I love the temples and cherry blossoms, it’s the train station and bullet train that really blow my mind!Thanks for sharing this trip, I wanna go!xxxSandra


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