Cherry blossom picnics and crazy fashion kids

We have left Japan and are now in Hong Kong; which is a pretty full on city! Photos will follow in a couple of days. But here are some final images from the streets of Tokyo. The fashions on the street especially in Yoyogi Park and Harajuka are wild and the kids are totally happy to pose for photos when asked. We spent our last couple of days hanging out with Andrew, a friend of our mate Tim’s back in London. Andrew works and lives with Michelle in Tokyo. He took us to see Tokyo at night; the maid parlours, seedy bars etc – most of which have notices everywhere saying ‘Japanese only’. He also took us for dinner at Gonpachi; the restaurant which inspired Tarantino for the Kill Bill fight scene in the wooden building with Uma Thurman based in the centre fighting off hundreds of Japanese swordsmen running down the staircases. We were sat with Andrew in a 9th floor bar reached by a crusty old lift – when we experienced our first ever earthquake tremor. Dave and I both loved Japan and plan to go back at some point, it really is a fabulous country to visit.

To the other extreme this couple were posing for an official photo for a personal occassion so I sneaked a quick shot.

This guy was with his band travelling on the metro.

Working the door of a Pachinko parlour – maid outfits are all the rage here.

Gonpachi restaurant in Tokyo – Quentin Tarantino was inspired by it’s layout and used it for the main fight scene in Kill Bill with Uma Thurman.

me at Senso-ji temple.

The main entrance to Senso-ji, it was packed with people and the atmosphere was great with lots of stalls selling crafts and tourist tat and food.

Buddha and me at Senso-ji.

Roof detail from Fishermen’s shrine at Senso-ji.

Incense at Senso-ji – you are supposed to waft it over you for luck. Dave almost had an asthma attack.

Senso-ji massive lantern.

More images of Senso-ji in Tokyo.

Entrance to the main park in Tokyo.

Cherry blossom picnic parties in Joyogi Park. Cherry blossom season is a huge deal in Japan and there are lots of activities and ceremonies associated with it.

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