Some more images of Hong Kong; inside the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan. One of the oldest temples in Hong Kong dedicated to a 3rd century BC statesman called Man Cheung. He is worshipped as the god of Literature. Amazing place inside; the whole ceiling is covered with incense coils which burn all day and night.

One of the Star ferries which go back and forth across Hong Kong harbour all day and to the outlying islands. We took one to Kowloon.

At the foot of the HSBC huge skyscraper people gather on Sundays socially; there is a lack of central green open spaces in Hong Kong so this is one of the popular meeting places.

A Chinese pigeon would you believe!

A golden dragon in the middle of a traffic crossing.

Street shops.

and street wares, Mao cigarette boxes.

Rebel with a Main Course; witty restaurant marketing.

A statue of a warrior outside a restaurant.

A sculpture in an art gallery window.

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