More images of Luang Prabang in Laos.

Bhuddist monks relax in the town.
Wandering the streets of Luang Prabang. The houses and plants are beautiful.

The well known local crazy man; who actually seems like a very nice bloke. He wanted us to share his drink from his straw in a plastic bag. We kindly declined.
Local people ride their motorbikes and bicycles one handed whilst holding on to an umbrella in the other hand to shade them from the sun.
Unnervingly, this paper mache statue reminds me of my Dad, Hatch! Must be the Hatchard nose!
A carved dragon statue; the first one I have seen painted silver rather than the usual gold.
A view of Phu Si Hill looking up at it from in front of the Palace Museum.
Great views from the top of Phu Si Hill.
Reclining Buddha at the top of Phu Si Hill. We also saw a cave in which ‘Bhudda’s footprint’ is preserved.
Novelty plant holders; discarded bomb casings.
Local flower.
Dave under a Flame tree on Phu Si Hill. This was so bright you could see it from 100 metres down the hill at ground level.
A moral quandary: women were selling small birds in hand woven grass cages to release at the top of Phu Si Hill as it is supposed to bring good luck. I wanted to buy all of them to set them free but I didn’t want to buy any as I didn’t want to encourage this pratise of selling birds to tourists. I caved in and bought two at 10,000 kip each (about 70p each) and we set them free immediately.
Amazing scenery on a day tour to the villages.
Dave walks with our guide Kee – from the Mong tribe through one of the poorer villages in Northern Laos.
One of the wealthier villages close to the outskirts of Luang Prabang.
Sorting the spring onions for sale at local village markets.

Village lady dries grains of rice in the sun.
Pineapple flower.
Pineapple plantation in red mineral rich soil.
How many monks can you get in a tuk tuk? !

Road crossing sign – local style.

Tuk Tuks are the favoured mode of transport around town, but to be honest town is so small you can walk most of it.

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