Laos monks collecting alms in Luang Prabang

We are now in Cambodia in Siem Reap hopping in a tuktuk from one temple to another and getting foot sore and dreaming of beaches in Thailand. Before I post pictures of Cambodia, here are some last images of Laos. Every morning at 6am the Buddhist monks of Luang Prabang file silently through the main streets from their monasteries to collect alms from the local people. These alms are usually small piles of the local sticky rice, fruit, small sweet treats and other basic provisions; but not money. There are approx. 22,000 Theravada Buddhist monks in Laos in a total population in the country of 6.4 million people. It is quite a moving sight to see the procession of monks in their bright orange robes walking silently through the streets in the early morning light.

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