Thailand: Koh Tao Island

For once we are actually blogging in real time – we are sitting at Koh Samui airport right now updating the blog; it’s a very trendy little airport as you can see below. We have just got off the ferry from the island of Koh Tao and waiting to board our flight back to Bangkok. 2 nights there back at the same hotel as last time and then we fly to Singapore on 6th June to see Hil and Mark and their two boys, Hunter and new arrival Austin.

Dave on the ferry pointing out
Koh Phangan
island on our way from Koh Tao to Koh Samui.

Sunset from the restaurant deck of Thipwimarn Hotel resort.
Leaving this morning, Wednesday 4th June, Chai who’s been our waiter at breakfast every morning at Thipwimarn. He’s 17 and used to live on Koh Phangan; but he kept going to the full moon parties so his mum moved him to Koh Tao! He’s a big Chelsea fan – kept telling us his haircut is just like ‘Choko’s‘, a Chelsea player. We were all scratching our heads for ages until we realised he meant Joe Cole.

Chai with our other main waiter, Peter. Peter is Burmese. He left his whole family behind in Burma one year ago to come to Thailand to work and earn enough money to send back to Burma so that his 2 younger brothers can go to university. peter is only 22 years old. He tells us that his family is okay in Burma.

Dossing about at breakfast this morning, Georgie and Mike got up early to give us a goodbye send off. Dave’s been a real action man whilst in Koh Tao; bombing around on a quad bike (no photos unfortunately) and going out a couple of days diving as he qualified for his PADI open water certificate in Zanzibar a few years ago. He saw loads of fish and barracuda and amazing coral. The 4 of us also went snorkeling at a place called of all things: Sharks Bay! Dave still hasn’t fulfilled his wish to see a shark although there are apparently a lot of them around Koh Tao.

The infinity pool at Thipwimarn.

Our room and balcony at Thipwimarn hotel resort.

When we first arrived at Koh Tao island about 10 days ago, we rented a private villa with small pool for 7 days; just 3 minutes walk away next door to Thipwimarn. Georgie and Mike turned up towards the end of our stay there and we all went to stay next door at Thipwimarn where the pool was bigger and we could get served mango shakes whilst sunbathing….rather than having to get up and do it all ourselves at the villa. Lazy gits I know. Our bedroom at the villa was huge and overlooked the Gulf of Thailand; crystal clear turquoise waters.

Main living area at the villa. It was huge and also included a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and one extra bedroom for guests.

Me standing on the deck outside our bedroom in the villa.

Upstairs balcony from the living room.

Our small private pool overlooking the sea and with sun deck.

We were on top of a steep rocky hill so we had amazing views; unblocked by any other properties.

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