Perhentian Islands: Bayu Dive Lodge Alu-Alu Divers

We are in Singapore now, packing our bags for a night flight to London tonight! Our last days in Malaysia were spent floating about the sea around Perhentian Besar island on a couple of lilos, some of the local kids from Break First Bar joining us; waiting until Dave had relaxed and then swimming over and pouring sea water out of plastic bottles all over him. We took the speed boat at 8am on the Wednesday morning from Perhentian Besar to Koala Besut; these boats have two engines on them and fly like hell across the water. From Besut we grabbed a cab to Kota Bharu where we had to hang around the airport for a while until our 3pm flight to Kuala Lumpur. We spent our last 3 nights in KL before heading back here for one last night with Hil and Mark in Singapore.
Our bags sitting on the jetty waiting for the first morning boat across to the mainland.

Dave looking out for the boat and dreaming of breakfast.

I finally saw a Monitor Lizard, but only about 3 feet long, missed out on the giant 6-7 footers that hang aroudn the island.
Sitting on the beach at breakfast at break First Bar waiting for a pancake from Zakki.
Zakki playing with one of the local kids.

Api, one of the kids who played in the sea on the lilos with us. He pedalled his bike along the beach every day stopping to check out what everyone was doing. He’s 4 years old and very funny.

The Bayu Dive Lodge cat; rather aptly called Hitler!

Christian, one of the Bayu Dive Lodge instructors. Come on girls (especially Lucy if you are reading!), if you are off diving you need an weight lifting, dragon tatooed Swede to make sure you can fend off the sharks!

Johan, diver and part owner of Bayu Dive Lodge. He has a dragon tattoo on his back.

Azam and Emily. Azam is a dive master and Emily is another one of the Dive Instructors at Bayu Dive Lodge, Alu Alu divers.

Ari, co-owner of Bayu Dive Lodge.

Faizal, one of the guys who works at Bayu Dive Lodge looking after rooms. He reckons he’s 30 – he looks about 15!

Our swanky shed on the beach with en-suite bathroom; Bayu Dive Lodge. £22 a night plus discounted dives – good value for money!

Not often you get a full length mirror in a hotel room, never mind our beach hut on the beach!

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