New York: we’re having a blast!

We are actually in Mexico now but I have been too hypnotised by the most stunning beach here in Tulum to give a toss about updating the blog – ooops!!! Anyway – New York was fantastic. It really is the most exhilerating, motivating, heart stopping, gob smacking experience of a city. Every time I go there I get the same jolt of voltage through its sidewalks; like they suck up and store the energy of everyone whose ever walked on them and pumps it straight back out into the souls of your feet. You don’t walk around the Big Apple, you soar; a jack plug straight in to the senses. Yup – it’s really that good. Anyway we stayed at our friend Betsy’s for the first 2 nights in her funky little East village apartment 6 floors up in a typical New York tenament style building. What it lacks in square footage it more than makes up in character and style.

On the street where Betsy lives………typical New York brownstones

We found some very funky shops selling all sorts of weird and wonderful items

I want that buffalo head!

…and I quite fancy this too as creepy as it is.

But I draw the line at having this in the house – from the creepy and HUGE Halloween shop we found.

Cal I so wanted to buy this for you but knew your Mum would have killed me. Gross teddy bears!

The Prada store – I got rollocked for taking this photo by the security guard. Tony – note the skate ramp!

New York fire escapes.

Cobblestoned streets in New York city.

Domino players in a city park.
Pizza from a truck…
….and hot dog stands.

Old stores still survive.

I think Rod the Mod was here before us.

Watch this space … more New York photos to come…from my new camera!

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