New York

We are on the beach still in Tulum but I haven’t taken any photos yet so here are a few more of New York.
A view from Continental Airlines over New York clouds!

Hanging out in Betsy’s apartment in the East village.
…so beware!

Hanging out with old friends we haven’t seen for years; Kat and Jon in their apartment in Washington Heights…

…and meeting up with Quique for lunch and a milkshake. Quique is the guy we met in Vietnam with his girlfriend Annie.

Quique’s office is in this building……….somewhere!

Hitting the streets of New York.
One for the girls……Sawyer from Lost!
New York Post Office – huge!

…and I thought NYPD were supposed to be hard!

Meeting our old friend Dan from Amherst, MA – at Jeremy and Helen’s in Maplewood, just outide New York.

Trying to get the kids out the door to go for sushi!

Around the streets of Maplewood.

Dave gets beaten up by Tigue and Finn.

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