Argentina:Tango, La Boca, the riverside; Buenos Aires

I couldn’t really blog about Argentina without including a tango sequence for you, so here’s a taste from the streets of San Telmo.

We also explored around La Boca area, home to the infamous Argentine football club who Maradona played for. It’s actually a very poor and high crime area but couple of streets have been aimed at the tourist market; lots of souvenir shops, cafes etc….which to be honest completely ruins the place. It’s good for a few photos but other than that we were in and out of this area in 40 minutes. It’s a good example of how not to develop an area for tourism; it was so in your face it was completely offputting. Anyway most of my photos managed to cut out the masses and just give a flavour of the houses which are mainly made from corragated tin and wood.
The Boca football fan’s shop.
Another photo opportunity with Dave!
Around San Telmo where we have been staying.

Hotel Babel.

Our funky and very comfortable £38 a night room. A real treat after recent hostel stays.
Exploring downtown Buenos Aires.

The Calatrava bridge down by the newly developed riverside.

But I find this old iron monster more impressive.

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