Colombia: Cartagena; Independance Day Fiesta! 11 Nov 2008

11th November we flew from Bogota to Cartagena here on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. 11th of November is an important day in Cartagena’s history as it is their Independence day and they celebrate in pretty spectacular style.

Also known as Carnaval de Cartagena or Fiestas del 11 de Noviembre, this is the city’s most important annual festival and also includes a National beauty pageant (Reinado Nacional de Belleza) which culminates in the coronation of the new Miss Colombia.

The fiesta seems to run every day! It started on Tuesday 11 November and is still ongoing as I blog…..yesterday they had a second parade on the sea front which was the beauty pageant led by the current Miss Colombia.
These kids costumes are made entirely of paper.

The main avenue through town on the Tuesday was completely packed.

She calls herself Shakira and has a donkey!

Flour bombing, paint bombing, buckets of water being chucked over you from overhead balconies…being sprayed with crazy foam…as in Dave’s case below……water bombs…anything goes!
But the police really don’t like it when you chuck something over them!

This guy was so drunk I don’t think he noticed.
Drag Queens….
Beauty Queens.

I bought one of these woven hats….but drew the line at the carnival trousers.
Our vantage point for the carnival, Bar Havana.

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  1. Hey You guys, these are great photos, but why no shots of our lovely editor???? And Dave, you look way toooooo skinny, get eating some more pies wouldya!Miss you and love you dearly,S&T


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