Colombia: Cartagena and the never ending bloody fiesta!

Hurray for Fiesta and new Colombian friends! They really know how to party here – it goes on all day and all night, blaring music, flour/paint/water bombs, getting sprayed with crazy foam and random buckets of water lobbed from overhead balconies….usually over me for some reason. I reckon Dave’s paying them…especially in the evening when we are walking to the bloody restaurant!

Dave got totally flour bombed and a local guy gave him a jaunty hat to complete his new……. and happier look….ha ha ha!
The sea walls were packed with people waiting for the second major parade of the week long fiesta; this time the Beauty Queens from each major town/city of Colombia paraded by on floats. I couldn’t really get close enough to take photos but to be honest it was the same people as teh Tuesday parade!

Standing on the sea wall.

Dave and Ian our new friend from Belgium, relaxing in a town square where we got our first paint smearing!

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