Taganga: dossing about doing absolutely nothing.

Not much news from Taganga, it’s a one road fishing town with a handful of restaurants and a few hostels. People go to Taganga for the cheap diving courses, Tayrona Park and the small beaches. We found a funky hostel called Bay View and stayed there for 6 days and did absolutely nothing the whole time we were there…..it was great. We left on Monday 24th and came back here to Cartagena.

I was maybe a little unfair in my previous rant about Taganga because we did meet a lot of great people at the hostel and it was great hanging out with them all….even if it did age us a bit as most of them were only about 23! This couple below are Johnathan and Camilla from Sweden; they have also spent the past year travelling and were also eeking out their last days on as low a budget as possible…..similar to us really.

Johnathan has some pretty cool tattooes…he had this phoenix tattooed in Thailand.

Rajvir, a beautiful English born Indian girl who is Lee’s girlfriend. We spent quite a lot of time hanging out together…me and Raj talking non-stop about food….honestly it became obsessive. She also seems to know some amazing Indian receipes…at this stage in our travelling I am DREAMING of eating great Indian food.

Lee chilling out on the beanbags.

Our room was at the far end of this single level block.

This is Ricky the infamous Great Dane, actually he’s not a Great Dane he’s some Brazilian breed I had never heard of. Anyway since nipping a couple of people, trying to steal everyone’s food, finding his own way in to the fridge and stealing pizza, jumping up and eating all of Johnathan and Camilla’s food off the BBQ and shovelling his entire head in to the communal BBQ salad bowl one night….then biting one of the backpackers (the one in the trilby hat one night)…the owners realised they needed to take action and took my suggestion of a muzzle seriously….

…but boy did he look really hacked off…especially when he realised he couldn’t eat his own breakfast never mind all of ours. Ricky looks like Hanibal Lector.

Lee and Dave at breakfast.

My lovely husband Dave was very generous today and gave me 50 million! Actually even though it says Mil on the note it means thousand…so this is a 50,000 COL Peso note…. about £15.

Bay View Hostel swimming pool, fantastic for a hostel especially at £14 a night for a double room.

The breakfast area.

Arthur’s baguette shop in Taganga…real deep filled baguettes, real bread…it was heaven, we ate there every single day to make the most of it! And by bizarre coincidence we bumped in to Mark, an American guy we last saw in Guatemala a few months ago and turned up in Taganga and was renting a room at the baguette shop. It surely is a very small world.
Taganga is so small everything is pretty close, we had to walk about this far from the hostel to lunch, hardly taxing.

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