Colombia: Still in Cartagena hanging out with parrots at breakfast

Just a few photos of where we are spending 10 days dossing in Cartagena in Colombia at Casa Relax. Not much going on to be honest, just whiling away our days now until we fly to LA. It’s baking hot, there’s non-stop Salsa versions of old Christmas tunes blaring out on the streets of Getsamani the neighbourhood we are in…which is great fun…they party all the time here…all day AND all night. The parrot above is the friendly one out of the 3 they have living here at the hotel….he comes and nicks my breakfast in the morning from the big wooden communal table we all sit at.
Two new friends, Hugo and Adriana from Argentina who were staying here for a few days; they were great fun. Adriana works as an architect in Caracus in Venezuela.

Casa Relax at night from the balcony outside our room.
On the balcony outside our bedroom door. Dave bangs his head on this light every day without fail…ha ha ha.

Michel the French owner of Casa Relax at breakfast.

Me at breakfast with new friends. God I need a cut and colour – Mary help me!!!!!

This one below looks cute….but bites.

Hugo and Adriana.

Jean Louis and Claudia. Jean Louis lives in Colombia.

Adriana chills out by the pool.

Around the big communal table….we cook here too some days in their open air kitchen. Before Hugo and Adriana left they cooked up a great Parilla (BBQ) for us Argentine style – loads of meat! It was excellent.
Watch out under the table – the one who bites hangs out under here too some mornings.
Dave doesn’t like the parrots – he prefers the computer – it doesn’t bite.
The breakfast girls……these 2 are great – crepes or scrambled eggs, toast, marmalade, fresh pineapple juice…..they sort it all out for the guests every morning……and are always smiling.

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