29th September 09; Fractured my elbow!

So there we were back in New York for the 3rd time in a year hanging out with Kat and Jon and feeling lucky to be back in our favourite city and hanging out with great friends; when I tripped over some discarded box banding tape on the pavement, went full length flat on my face and fractured my left elbow. A big shout out to the medical staff at Beth Israel Hospital ER who were great; xrayed me, put some gel on the huge yellow bruise on my right knee, stuck my left arm in a sling (for 6 weeks – groan), packed me up with painkillers and sent me on my way again. Still managed to enjoy the next 3 days and got to have dinner with Quique…but what a way to end the month away…..ouch! Arrived back in London last Friday 2nd October and got an appointment with the fracture clinic this week!

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