London Snow in Chiswick

December 2010

Chiswick, London in snow. We woke up on the morning of my birthday and realised our weekend plans (a 40 minute drive to see Dave’s Mum and Dad) would have to be re-scheduled. We got 4 inches of snow in 2 hours. This was the view from our deck around 11.30am.
The front door to the house, our flat is on the top floor.
So we went for a walk about in Chiswick and I took some photos on my new Canon pocket camera for the days when I am too lazy to drag around the SLR. Dave bought me it for my birthday and it’s great.
Our road.
On the green in Chiswick about a 15 minute walk from the flat.
Dave throwing a snowball for Bruce on our road……he would have to have one hell of a bowling arm for it to reach Seattle!
Me in the snow on our road
The railway tracks at our local overground station where I catch the train to work….pretty much all the trains were cancelled but a fox came out to have a look around.
Our flat is at the very top in the roof
The local bus got stuck on the railway bridge at the end of our road and had to be abandoned til they could get it towed.
Tomorrow we fly to LA to stay with Danny and look forward to sunshine and getting out of this freezing hell!

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