I'm Leza, I started this blog 11 years ago as a travel diary for me and my husband when we backpacked around the world for 15 months. I love travel photography, art and music. I've lived in East Africa and visited 55 countries. Back-packed, flash-packed, got married to my Englishman way out in the Ugandan Bush. I want to share the knowledge of independent travel and the great cultural riches it delivers. From beach huts, boutique hotels to 5 star. Incredible capital cities to jungle. UNESCO World Heritage Sites to quirky alternative world wonders. I've seen jaw-dropping palaces in Rajasthan, heard the groaning of glaciers in Argentina and met the Viet Cong in Vietnam. If I can help anyone to see more of this great planet we live on... then this blog has been worth it.


Behind again as we are now in Guadalarjara. Here’s some photos of Puebla; I wasn’t that taken with this city to be honest and these pictures show the best bits. I think after Oaxaca we both found Puebla to be very disappointing. However, we stayed 4 nights as the hotel – La Purificadora see links […]


Dec 2007: Bouncing chicken off a Coba crocodile’s head. 1 month on. Cenotes, Merida, Celestun, road relays, Valladolid, Chichen Itza, El Panchan, Palenque…and a new niece.

We have got to that point where we can’t remember what day it is never mind the date. We added another week and stayed on the beach – supposed to check out this Friday and have just added another week so we will have been here a month when we do leave Shambala Petit Hotel! […]