Behind again as we are now in Guadalarjara. Here’s some photos of Puebla; I wasn’t that taken with this city to be honest and these pictures show the best bits. I think after Oaxaca we both found Puebla to be very disappointing. However, we stayed 4 nights as the hotel – La Purificadora see links […]


Dec 2007: Bouncing chicken off a Coba crocodile’s head. 1 month on. Cenotes, Merida, Celestun, road relays, Valladolid, Chichen Itza, El Panchan, Palenque…and a new niece.

We have got to that point where we can’t remember what day it is never mind the date. We added another week and stayed on the beach – supposed to check out this Friday and have just added another week so we will have been here a month when we do leave Shambala Petit Hotel! […]