Arrived in Tokyo !

Our first impressions of Tokyo? It’s fantastic but it’s NUTS!!!!!! Even though it was pouring down with rain on our first evening and the following morning – we love it so far, it’s full on dive in head first sensory overload! The streets talk to you, 20 foot high TV screens all over the place, not a clue what any of the street signs say as they are all in Japanese, the restaurants have picture menus (thank god) or plastic models of food in the window, there seems to be a giant sized Manga cartoon character associated with everything here and the Japanese people are so friendly and kind – they are fantastic. If you ever see a Japanese tourist at home, take care of them and treat them with respect, they are amazing people and go out of the way to help tourists here, even though most of them don’t speak English, they persevere to help you.

After a 9 hour flight from Vancouver, Canada on Saturday 29 March to Tokyo, Japan where we arrived on the 30th March with a 10 hour time difference; Dave negotiates the Narita airport express train which took us another hour to reach central Tokyo. 1 subway train change and 4 stops after that we got to our hotel in the Roppongi district.
The funny thing is, the subway trains feel so familiar because of years using the London tube, that we hit the ground running and had no problems with them at all. If you don’t understand the Japanese it’s all colour coded anyway.

Step up ladies – and believe me it will be exactly 7.59, they are really punctual here!

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