Seattle Tuesday 16 December: Out and about with Joni and Ava, reindeer and Blue Ridge

More snow fell on 16th December but at this point it wasn’t too deep or too treacherous! The view above is from our basement bedroom window at Bruce’s house which overlooks the back of the property across to Darin and Sherry’s house. Joni came over with one of her little girls, Ava (4) and we went for a drive around. We took Ava to a local garden centre where they have some real reindeer in residence for Christmas. One of them had massive bulging eyes and scared the crap out of us. He wasn’t very photogenic and refused to pose so I took photos of his mate instead.

Ava was way more interested in the model railway they had set up for Christmas…..
…Mum Joni pointed out the minature houses….

…but Mum couldn’t stop this cheeky little monkey…..

…from dropping her toy dog on to the tracks.

We had a pit stop at Costume & Display which is one of my all time favourite places in Seattle; a massive warehouse styled store selling costumes and display items for parties etc and at this time of year has a staggering display of Christmas trees and crazy ornaments. It is completely over the top but fantastic fun. We went for a drive around Blue Ridge, a Seattle neighbourhood overlooking the water and full of old houses that look beautiful in the snow.

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