Seattle: 18th December Birthday sleep over for me!

So after running around town with Joni I went over and stayed at her place and woke up on the 18th, my birthday morning, to this view below from Ava’s bedrooom window at around 7.30am. About 12 inches of snow fell overnight. It looked amazing…a real winter wonderland.
Later on in the morning, the view from Joni’s front door below.
All the schools closed, no-one could get to work….so what else to do but to go sledging with the kids!
Joni kitted me out in full snow gear and Erics steel toe-capped rubber work boots – don’t I look just dreamy….not!
Joni’s house.
Joni clearing the car off so Eric could drive me back to Bruce’s where I could open my birthday presents!

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