New York: Our last day – flying back to London this afternoon!

Our last night in New York city last night (12th January 2009); at our friend Kat and Jon’s apartment with their gorgeous daughter Sophie (5 yrs). It has been freezing cold here, icicles hanging off the cars outside…but it is still the best city in the world. We are looking forward to going back to all our friends and family in London but at the same time sad to end our 14 month adventure and leave Kat, Jon and Sophie and this amazing city behind. We also hooked up with Quique again here in New York (who we met in Vietnam back in April 2007). Betsy unfortunately hasn’t been around because she is currently in Bogota of all places for work..we just missed each other in Colombia. It’s been an AMAZING 14 months but now it’s back to reality!!!

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