Back in Mexico! Old and new friends at Shamabala, Tulum

Goa on the beach in the shade – she was a puppy last September and is still a handful at 1 year old but unfortunately was hit by a car a few months ago and now has a bad leg and hip. She comes in to the sea with us for a swim but we have to keep an eye on her when she goes out of her depth. She lives here with Enzo, a black lab who origially came to Mexico from Italy!
Leticia above and her husband Duilio below….our new fantastic Italian friends from Turin. They left yesterday after being here for 2 weeks. We have had a lot of fun and laughter with them and the place is very quiet now they have gone. We already miss them. They are also friends with Roberto so it has been a happy family reunion here.
Carolina is from Buenos Aires in Argentina but has lived in Tulum for around 6 years. She is now working with Roberto heping him to run Shambala Petit Hotel. She’s also the person who gives massages, I think I need to book one in because she is allegedly a brilliant masseuse! She has a little girl called Amelie who is only 3 years old and is very funny…she comes here after nursery school to swim in the sea.
We were reunited with Aura (below) who is from Venezuela but has lived in Mexico for almost 2 years now – Aura was staying here last September when we were here. Last year she gave me a beautiful pair of earrings which are typical Venuzuelan style – small woven threads in different colours with silver. Aura only stayed for one night as she had to go back to work near Playa del Carmen (about 50 minutes drive from here)…but we managed to grab lunch together down the beach at one of the local restaurants called Om.

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