Beach life at Shambala Petit Hotel

God I love this place – it’s stunning……beach is amazing, the sea is bright turquoise, deep blue and brilliant white spray, the sand is white and powder soft….no wonder we keep coming back to visit Roberto and stay at Shambala Petit Hotel. This is without a doubt the BEST beach we have ever been on in our lives and we have been on beaches in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Zanzibar…nothing comes close to this one in Tulum.
And there is no-one around right now. Some days we see only 1 or 2 people on the beach – economy crash and hurricane season doesn’t help but apparently the swine flu scare has killed tourism here in Mexico since last May – bloody great for us but I fell really sorry for all the local hotels and restaurants and stuff……don’t know how they are surviving….me, Dave and two Mexican women staying at Roberto’s place right now – and before that was just us and our new Italian friends Leticia and Duilio who you can see frolicking in the surf below on their last day here yesterday. Come to Shambala – it’s the best time to be here!!!!
Duilio and Goa.
Duilio and Leticia making the most of their last day! Come back we miss you!!!!!

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