Last days in Tulum before flying to Oaxaca

Went in to a coma on the beach it was so hot; did manage to read Papillion which was even more exciting following his jail breaks after we had last year spent time in a few places in Colombia that he escaped to. Had a few day trips to Play del Carmen with Roberto including an evening at the cinema to see a film which Carolina and I enjoyed but sent Roberto and Dave to sleep; it was a bit on the arty side for them…made worse cos they could hear the action blockbuster rumbling on the screen next door. Before Duilio headed back to Italy we went with Roberto to look at a big plot of land he bought some years ago and which they have cleared of trees recently. The land should fit around 12 luxury houses on it and as Dulio’s an architect he came along to have a look at the size of the plot.
The plot of land has been cleared of all but ONE tree – this one below which is poisonous if you touch it. A specialist has to come in to remove it. Amazing that amidst all that jungle there was this single poisonous tree.
Played with Carolina’s little girl Amelie on the beach which got hotter and hotter and then the weather finally broke and we had a few biblical rain storms. The crabs came out – they migrate from the jungle (literally over the road from Shambala) to the sea which means crossing the road dodging being squashed by the cars and scuttling through Shambala across the beach to the sea. We had at least one crab in our room each night which created some pretty comical scenarios as we tried to get them back on course whilst avoid being nipped by their one large claw.

Carolina in the yoga room playing with her daughter Amelie above and on the beach below.
Amelie playing with the carved Buddha in the yoga room, hanging necklaces on his hand.
Jorge and Dave; a couple of jokers.

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